De Tito, Italian Wedding Photographer, reinvents wedding photography with his Creative Reportage StyleItalian Wedding Photographer. Made in Italy Creative ReportageWedding photographer in Italy, Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Amalfi and more

The wedding day is a memorable moment in the life of each couple. Italy. What better setting to seal forever this event? But you need a good italian wedding photographer, right?

De Tito, Italian Wedding Photographer, and his creative shooting

As Italian Wedding Photographer, i capture every moment of the better day of newlyweds.

For years I have carried out the activity of italian wedding photographer: through the lens I try to seize every moment, emotion, capturing them to be remembered forever, like a story to tell and relive through the shots of that day.

Backstage of marriage, took by De Tito Photographer

De Tito, Italian Wedding Photographer, took a picture in the backstage of marriage.

Working as a wedding photographer in Italy, Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Naples, Amalfi Coast leaves no room for error: capture an emotion, an expression of joy and the tears flowing on their face in the fateful moment of the “I do” requires the experience and perception that only a professional photographer is able to give.

Italian Wedding Photographer? Secrets of Creative Reportage style

For a italian wedding photographer there are many ways to capture in a photograph the most important day of a couple’s life. The style of my photo shoots wants to enhance the authenticity of the expressions, emotions, moments that make unique each wedding. From the ceremony to the exchange of the wedding rings, from the reception to the celebrations, my goal is to follow the couple as a normal guest, capturing through the lens of the camera the most authentic and exciting moments.

The italian wedding photographer must be able to grasp as a reporter the natural movements, expressions, emotions experienced by the participants. Without interfering with the conduct of the wedding and without forcing the intensity of the glances, fully capturing the magic of the most important moments. This is why I call my style “Creative Reportage“, a natural way of taking pictures, telling a story through the snapshots, as in a documentary or photo reportage.

Italian photographer De Tito took a marriage detail.

A detail of the bride during a wedding in Italy , immortalized with the Creative Reportage Style by italian photographer De Tito

A style suitable to any type of ceremony, from the most classic to the most unconventional as the Elopements, to follow you in your romantic elopement anywhere you could possibly want. Villas, castles, fairy-tale location: to be a wedding photographer in Italy, Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast means being able to capture every moment of your fantastic trip. The best way to remember, over the years, the best day of your life by browsing an exciting and memorable photo album.

Gorgeous italian landscape, took by italian photographer De Tito.

A Italian Wedding photographer must be able to capture even the beautiful Italian landscapes.

The Italian Wedding Photographer. Merging tradition and technology

As a italian wedding photographer, for every photo shoot I provide an online private gallery, through which you could look, share, download, and order photo prints quickly and easily. The protection of privacy is ensured by an advanced computer system, which makes available the consultation of photos exclusively to those directly affected, who possess username and password to access the personal area.

De Tito, wedding italian Photographer, has improved the picture with the best software

This photo of an Italian wedding , has been optimized with advanced software systems by italian photographer De Tito

What better way, then, to remember forever the wedding day through the pages of a fine art album: a volume where to gather the best and exciting shots, printed in fine art quality and bound with great care. A product of great aesthetic impact and with a strong emotional value, to go through and relive your wedding day in the company of the loved ones.

All mine fine art albums are produced and printed in Italy by skilled artisans and known for the high quality and exquisite workmanship of the materials used.

Italian Wedding Photographer. How to redesign Made in Italy vision

Italy is a place full of charm, known throughout the world. Art and architecture combine with landscapes of rare beauty, ideal locations for the organization of a wedding designed in detail. The best setting in the world for a italian wedding photographer.

The unmistakable style of this land will give your wedding a unique atmosphere, with an impeccable organization and attention to detail. In Italian weddings nothing is left to chance, to be certain that you will remember this day as the most beautiful of your life.

A italian marriage detail, took by italian wedding photographer De Tito

Italian Wedding Photographer De Tito, has a habit of immortalize unusual details during italian marriage

Even my photographic style takes inspiration from the Made in Italy values with a devoted and high quality service thanks to the use of professional equipment and more of 20 years of experience in the photographic industry.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Italy, Rome, Florence, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, you’re in the right place.